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Is a Trio made up of:

Louis Guarino Jr. - Trumpet, Steinerphone, Electronics

Carl Testa - String Bass, Bass Clarinet, Electronics

Brian (Jarawa) Gray - Percussion, Electronics

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Telepathy is an electro-acoustic improvising trio that integrates jazz, classical, experimental, world percussion, and electronic music into a cohesive whole, through collective improvisation and composition.



Creative Abstractions In Music


The music you will be listening to with “Telepathy,” has been called by several names. Avant Garde, Creative Music, Free jazz, Abstract music, ‘This’ music, and Experimental music. It is primarily based off of improvisation with collective interplay. You could also call it “Spontaneous Composition,” as the musicians are inventing and creating the music as they go along, on the spot and in the moment. Musicians that play this type of music are “Improvising Composers,” and it is a unique art form within itself.


The palate a musician, composer, or improvising composer uses, and the way in which they form or put their music together, is what makes that music unique. Musicians that improvise or compose, “play” with sound creatively, as children might play with toys and their imagination. By opening up the playing field to ALL sounds, including noise and dissonance, and not staying confined to traditional pitches and scales, and by taking chances and being open to new ideas, and using uncertainty as a tool, along with new and different alternative approaches to forming and shaping the music, all while following one’s emotions, you come up with wonderful new avenues and directions to take and this makes for exciting new music, which enlarges the musical palate significantly, and makes for great new frontiers in artistic musical expression.

Add to the above the fact that as multi-instrumentalists, we are free to use "all" the instruments we have at our disposal to not only solo and interact together, but to also create the "environments" we are playing in. This allows us the opportunity to mold our personal compositional skills, with our individual musicianship and sensibility, and what unfolds as we play, is a kaleidoscope of settings and sounds that morph from space to space to create a symphony like entity that integrates jazz, classical, experimental, world percussion, and electronic music into a cohesive whole, through our collective improvisation and composition

All this adds up to a music that produces a world rich in varied timbral colors and hues, a music immersed with passion, freedom of expression, spontaneity, mystery, authenticity and adventurous creativity, cutting edge ideas, intense focus, and yet still music that extends from tradition.


All of the above enhances the expressive possibilities of this style of music. The collective interplay as the musicians create, compose, and communicate with each other as they journey through each piece, becomes almost telepathic. Hence the name of the group, “Telepathy.”