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1964: Began trumpet lessons with Marty Blue, at age 16, and by age 19 got to perform with Marty Blue and Johnny Windhurst (of NYC Eddie Condon clan) playing dixieland jazz at various clubs and affairs throughout Connecticut.

1970 -1977: Began apprenticeship in mainstream jazz by joining weekly jam sessions at local New Haven Jazz Clubs with Dicky Myers, Count Steadwell, Wayne Boyd, Eddie and Bobby Buster, and others, such as Michael Gregory, as well as extensive performing in the greater New Haven area with the above musicians.

During this time, I was also a member of several R & B (funk) groups, such as: Top Priority (along with Ed Cherry), Pete and the Soul Corrupters, and Bob Winters and the Elms, and performed at the New Haven Jazz Festival with the Jarawa & Visions group.

1982 - 1985: Freelanced with various bands and musicians, including Dwight Andrews, Pheeroan ak Laff, and did workshops with Anthony Davis. About this time, I Joined the (CMIF) Creative Musicians Improvisers Forum (Spinoff of AACM of Chicago) and Creative Improvisers Orchestra with Wadada Leo Smith as leader. I eventually served as the secretary of this non-profit organization.

With The Creative Improvisers Orchestra, I performed in Concert with some better known creative musicians such as Carla Bley, Slide Hampton, Muhal Richard Abrams, Oliver Lake, Amina Claudine Myers, Leroy Jenkins, Ray Anderson, Mario Pavone, Gerry Hemmingway, Marty Ehrlich, and played many side gigs with members.

1988 - 1990: Performed weekly as a duo, with Ray Cranshaw (keyboards) at the New Haven club, “The Foundry”, which included many sessions with Marion Meadows, Rhon Lawrence and many other musicians joining us.

1990 - 1995: Played a number of concerts with Michael Mills and the “Children of the Sun” percussion ensemble. These concerts included performances at Toads Place (New Haven), local area schools, museums, Hartford Capital, and at the Special Olympics.

.1996: Began work on first CD, Spiritual Awakenings in home studio.

1997 - 2005: Various performances with Michael Gregory, Michael Mills, and others.

2005: Performed a concert, sponsered by the Hamden Arts Commission, at Thornton Wilder Hall in Hamden Connecticut. This concert was the first devoted to my new original compositons. The concert was a success and I have plans to do more.

Took part in a double performance of the 156th Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris Conduction at the new Firehouse 12 performance space in New Haven, Connecticut.

2005 - Current

Performing experimental music mostly locally in small groups and duos with musicians, Brian Jarawa Gray, Carl Testa, Ben Klein, Chris Cretella, and other musicians.