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Here, I will post videos, or links to youtube videos relavant to my music.

Below is a video on youtube captured on March 5th 2005 at a Concert I did at Thornton Wilder Hall in Hamden, CT. It features Me on trumpet and Dean Roumanis on Synthesizers. The keyboard part is fully written out and read, while the trumpet is free to improvise in and around the piece, although there are certain parts the trumpet plays in different areas. The piece, entitled, "A Conversation With The Spirits Of The Mountain," is about a lone Native American Indian sitting at a campfire at the base of a Holy Mountain praying to the Spirits of the Mountain to answer him. When the Spirits do, an interesting Conversation develops. The Indian is represented by the muted trumpet, and the Spirits, by the Synths.

Another Video from the same concert. This is "Amnesia" and the musicians are: Louis Guarino Jr - trumpet & steinerphone, Herb Wilson-sax, Michael Gregory-guitar, Dean Roumanis-keyboards, Wes Brown-bass, Jesse "Cheese" Hameen-drums, Brian "Jarawa" Gray-percussion.

To see a page of Videos of our trio, Telepathy

click HERE


The following 4 Solo videos are from the above performance






Some videos from the above performance


Some videos from the above performance


Some videos from the above performance

A performance from Sunday Nov 18, 2010 at The Outer Space in Hamden, CT with Lou Guarino (trumpet), Benjamin J M Klein (tuba), and Carl Testa (bass).

Below are two videos from a Performance at the Hartford Phase Shift series at La Paloma Sabenera in Hartford Ct. on May 16th 2013. It is a trio of Benjamin JM Klein, Carl Testa, and Lou Guarino.

Below is from a Performance with Anne Rhodes - vocals, Carl Testa - bass, and Louis Guarino Jr. -trumpet. This was from a UAG Series in Albany New York on 11/2/13

From a set at the Big Room in New Haven. CT which was part of a performance of solos, duos, and trios including James Falzone. This was performed on March 22, 2014. Chris Cretella on guitar, and Louis Guarino Jr. on trumpet.


Below are some videos from the above performance

Below is video from a Performance by a Trio of Chris Cretella (guitar), Carl Testa (bass) and Lou Guarino (trumpet). From the Uncertainty Music series at G-Cafe in New Haven, Ct on 4/18/15.